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Are you getting the most exposure when marketing your products and promoting your events? Are keeping up to date with the ever changing world of social media? Are you getting the most from Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Instagram and Pinterest etc? What social media tools do your events actually need? Is your team up to speed with the latest trends of social media? If you can relate to any of these then perhaps we can help. At Mex Events we have a team of knowledgeable, enthusiastic social networking experts who know their way around these tools and know how to maximise the wonderful but often time consuming world of social media. Manage content, update posts, create events, upload photos, like, share, link, follow, snap, favorite and connect with your customers all under one experienced, trusted service. We also provide a unique on-site marketing service that covers the operation and management of membership systems and on-site app management and promotion. We have a team of promotional personnel available to implement intense customer research and improve direct target marketing. Contact us to discuss how you can communicate with your customers in a more personal and beneficial way.