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Beach Party & Summer Events

Transform your venue with a Beach Party or Hawaiian theme event. Here at Mex Events you will find all you need (apart from the sun) to turn your venue or event into a tropical island. From beach furniture and props to hula and limbo dancers, you name it we’ve got it.

This theme event is suitable for both indoor and outdoor venues.

Our Beach party / Hawaiian theme events include:

  • Inflatable sun glasses.
  • Inflatable ice cream cones.
  • Inflatable palm trees.
  • Inflatable suns.
  • Hot tubs.
  • Themed dancers & performers.
  • Hula dancers.
  • Limbo dancers.
  • Life ring props.
  • Back drops.
  • Whiskey barrels.
  • Treasure chests.
  • Life size palm tree props.
  • Giant sea shells.
  • Summer window displays.
  • Deck chairs & umbrellas.
  • Life size boat props.
  • Bamboo screening.
  • P.A. systems.
  • DJ’s.
  • Foam cannons.
  • Co2 cannons.
  • Tiki bars furniture.
  • Fridges coolers.
  • Flower lei.
  • Coconut drinking shells.
  • Sand castle cocktail buckets.
  • Fish nets.
  • Giant sea shells.
  • Summer window displays.

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